Artificial Intelligence (AI) IPTV is the new generation of IPTV. Traditional IPTV provides static and same channel list, movie list and categories to all users. AI IPTV automatically generates dynamic channel list., movie list and categories for different users.

Traditional IPTV provides all channel names or icons to users, so users need to see them that some channels were never watched or disliked by users. Or users need to pre-define their favorite channel list. AI IPTV can Intelligently and dynamically generate dynamic channel list that users often watch or like at one time.

Based on this personalization concept, each user has his personalized user interface for channels, movies list from the same IPTV service. Therefore IPTV service provider can really know users' behavior in order to provide effective content to them.

To provide user personalization IPTV automatically, Ezserver uses one of the important AI theory, called Vague Set that is an extension of fuzzy set. Vague set was found by Ezhometech Founder, Mr. Gau and published in "IEEE Transaction on system, Man and Cybernetics" in 1993.

Ezserver analyzes user behavior and employs Vague Set to provide dynamic channels List, movie categories as below examples:

Dynamic Channels List


Dynamic Movie Categories

Dynamic Channels No.

Dynamic Movie categories

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