Ezserver is a video server with Web APIs for IPTV/OTT and VOD market. Web APIs use representational state transfer (REST) style web resources under HTTP request. With Web API feature, Service providers can work with Ezserver to integrate applications as IPTV / VOD management, middleware, player, encoder, satellite receiver, billing system and etc.. 

The below are some example services that can be integrated by using Web APIs:

  • Social media service

  • Hotel media service

  • Hospitality media service

  • E-learning service

  • Transport media service

  • Digital signage service

  • Home media service

Ezserver Feature:

  • HTTP /  RTMP / HLS / UDP / RTP / input

  • HTTP / RTMP / UDP / RTSP / HLS output

  • Support H265/HEVC, H264/MPEG4 AVC, MPEG2, AAC/MP3

  • Live Video Streaming / Video On Demand

  • DVR / Delay TV / Catch up TV / EPG

  • Support MPTS and SPTS input

  • Unicast / Multicast input

  • Unicast / Multicast output

  • Support HLS MPEG TS output

  • Support RTMP output stream for HTTP/UDP MPEG TS input

  • Support Live Encoder

  • Support iOS device, Android device, IP STB, Smart TV and PC

  • Support Authorization Channels and Movie Categories

  • Integration with Stalker Portal

  • Auto Restart on failure

  • Distributed Users in different servers

  • Distributed Channels to save input bandwidth

  • Support Pay Per View for VOD

  • Support Ratings Protection for VOD

  • Leading Fast Channel Zap Time.

  • One upload stream for multiple download streams

  • Pull channel content when users watch the channel

  • Automatically EPG extraction from MPEG TS Stream and XMLTV URL

Web APIs:


  • Supports IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

  • Channel management / Movie management

  • User Management / IP Locking / MAC Address Locking

  • Group Management / Concurrent Connection Limitation

  • Online Player Management 

  • Alert Player Management / Restream Detecting and Locking

  • EPG Management

  • Channel Statistics

  • Stream Protection: Player Filter / IP Blocker / Country Filter / MAC ID Protection

  • Blacklist Management

  • Load Balancer for Geo / Bandwidth Limitation

  • Reseller Management / Reseller Panel / Credit Option

  • System Log

  • Integration with DASH Transcoder

  • Support Adaptive Bitrate Streaming over HTTP

  • Support Cache On Demand by a Channel

  • Channel and Movie Preview

  • Support MPTS and SPTS input

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