Ezserver Features

Unlimited Load Balancers

Ezserver 4.1 version provides unlimited load balancers.

Encrypted channels

Encrypt live channel by AES-128 to HLS Streaming with few CPU and memory usage. Support PC, iPhone/iPAD Web player and Android App,

Multicast User authentication

Support channel streaming with AES-128 encryption under HLS protocol for user authentication. And Support MPTS/SPTS input and output.

Non-Stop restream live channel

The source link is suddenly down or has unstable network, ezserver uses "delay way" to let clients watch NON-STOP channels.

Youtube Channel and Movie

Add Youtube channel and movie embedded links into IPTV panel and watch them in web player via PC Chrome and iPhone/iPAD Safari.

Fastest Channel Zap Time

Channel Zap time is a critical quality of experience metric of IPTV system. Ezserver can provide the fastest channel zapping time at 0.06 sec.

Supported Players

Android, iOS, Enigma devices, Mag devices, Linux STB and HTML5 Browsers

Multicast Channel Transcoding

Reduce stream bitrate from multicast (SPTS/MPTS) to HLS output by software or hardware.

Channel on Demand

Automatically stops input connection without player connection in order to save the incoming bandwidth.

Reseller with credit subscription

Administrator and support reseller can assign credit for reseller.

M3U list import

Upload m3u list into channel or movie panels via online or offline.


Catch-up TV

Based on EPG and defined day number to record live channel into VOD movies.

Proxy mode

Let a player connect the source URL directly without using server bandwidth,

Channel Playlist

Alphabetical order videos in one channel.

Notice videos and images

Notice image or video as source url fails, it is also for unregistered user, max connection limitation, etc.


Backup channels

Provide 2 backup URL for each channel.

Channel list download

Support enigma, m3u, HLS and etc.

Geo location protection

Protect channel and movie connection by countries.


Block IP for attacking and illegal connection.


Support XMLTV link and MPEG embedded EPG.

Authorization Mechanisms

Support token, username/password, 5 pre-defined IP and MAC address.

User connection limitation

Pre-definition the max concurrent connections for each user.

Group packages

Define allowed channels and allowed movie categories for different subscription package,

Video on demand

Support HTML5, package subscription via movie categories.


Support internal and external Transcoder for logo watermark, Apple HLS and Adaptive bitrate streaming. Support Nvidia H/W Encoding

Time-Shift TV

Record live stream from source URL into server local storage. The player can backward and forward the channel with timestamp.

User Agent

Block or allow connections by specific User Agent names that are defined in Filter window.

developa, 12:58 pm

I have the ezserver over 5 year, I have over 1000 Clients is very stable and ultimate stream and restreaming machine, I have all the Panels testing and ezserver is for me number one is top, And the best is have full support every day.

Leo Leo, 4:19 pm

The first time I tried Ezserver was about 4 years ago... Since that time Ezserver became better and better... Today I use one of the latest version and I am very satisfied ! The channel zap time (less than 1 ms) is FANTASTIC...faster than light ... It is very stable ( runs for weeks without any restart)...Ezserver includes very many tools and solutions and works perfect on all forms of stream (rtmp, http, etc).

marsel_cccam, Thu

 I have the ezserver over 6 year. I have more then 20.000 clients. Ezserver is excellent. I owe him the satisfaction of my customers. Live broadcast performance is very high. Technical support is very fast. If i have problem. They are turning back quickly. Thanks a lot. 

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