EZserver is Instant Channel Change video server for live video streaming. It provides the fastest video streaming in IPTV/OTT and VOD market. Additional, It specially supports load balance, distributed users, MAC ID protection for Video Cloud market,

Customers in more than 60 countries have licensed EZserver with Addons, they have been providing IPTV/OTT and VOD services for internet or intranet users. We are proud to provide the fastest response for video streaming in Channel Zapping and Movie on Demand for our customers.

Video Server:

EZserver  can provide no black screen effect between channels.

  • Fast Channel Zap Time

  • Live Video Streaming

  • Video On Demand

  • Catch up TV

  • DVR / Video Delay

  • Unicast / Multicast

  • Geo / Bandwidth Load Balancer

  • UDP / RTP / RTMP / HTTP input

  • HTTP / RTMP / RTSP output

  • HLS Input / output

  • Support Encoder input

  • Support Mobile, STB, Smart TV and PC

  • Windows / Linux Version


EZserver panel manages channels, users, player, reseller, blacklist and log.

  • Channel management

  • Movie management

  • User Management

  • Group Management

  • Online Player Management

  • Alert Player Management

  • EPG Management

  • Player Filter

  • MAC ID Protection

  • Load Balancer

  • Blacklist Management

  • Reseller Management


EZserver API is to let you integrated your applications with EZserver.

  • A set of REST APIs

  • HTTP protocol

  • Suitable for Javascript / PHP applications

  • Suitable for C/C++, Java , Python applications

  • API sample codes including source / binary code

  • Token API

  • Channel API

  • Movie API

  • Player API

  • Group API

  • User API


Supported Players:

Supported Players watch channels and movies from EZserver.

  • PC: Browser, VLC, Simple TV, Media Player 

  • Google Player app: IPTV Player (TV Online), IPTV, MX Player 

  • iOS Devices

  • Smart TV: Samsung, LG

  • STB: Dreambox, VU+ Duo2, octagon, ariva, optumuss, amiko, spark, tiger, Spiderbox, Mag250


EZserver Addons provide more capability for server protection.

  • MAC ID Blocker

  • Transcoder

  • Player Filter

  • Time Shift

  • DVR

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