EZserver is Instant Channel Change video server for live video streaming. Now, digital video becomes the major role in video streaming, the biggest disadvantage of digital video streaming is video response time from a video server. For example, when a user changes channels in analog video signal, he does not see any black screen between channels, but he can see it in the digital video streaming. EZserver has been still improving the video response time of video streaming for more than 10 years and gets superior response time for live channel and video on demand.

Customers in more than 50 countries have licensed EZserver with Addons, they have been providing IPTV/OTT and VOD services for internet or intranet users. We are proud to provide the fastest response for video streaming in Channel Zapping and Movie on Demand for our customers.

Channel change time:

  • PC: 0.06 sec.

  • Octagon SDS: 0.17 sec.

  • Dreambox: 0.50 sec.

  • Android devices: 0.60 sec.


to enhance server management, security, protection and player control:

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to show Instant Channel Change on PC and Android Tablet:

Free web panel: manages EZserver Channels, Users, Player, Bouquet, Blacklist and Log

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