Ezserver is a video server receiving live video from UDP, HTTP, RTMP and HLS links, recording and streaming them into players on PC, Android, iOS, STB and Smart TV.

Technical Comparison of IPTV server software

Company Ezhometech X company W company

Operation System

Windows / Linux Linux Windows / Linux / OS X

Video streaming Engine

Ezserver FFmpeg W company

Streaming Engine developed

C/C++ C/C++ Java

Streaming Engine response

Fastest Fast Slow (using Java)

Needed extra software


FFMPEG, Apache Java VM

IPTV Panel

VSPanel X Company  

CPU usage

Low High Middle

Channel zipping time

best to 0.06 sec. < 0.1 sec.  

Encrypted channel


Delay TV


Channel On Demand


Management API


Player API

Apple HLS

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